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2014 Oratorical Contest

    An Oratorical Speech Contest

    The American Legion has numerous wonderful programs of which "An Oratorical Speech Contest" is only one. To compete in this program, a High School aged (and enrolled) student is expected to write and deliver an 8 to 10 minute speech on the United States Constitution and the responsibilities of citizenship. Just as these well spoken youth emphasize duties and responsibilities of the citizen, I realize there are duties and responsibilities expected of our Legion comrades. I understand that not every person is a good fit for every job and that makes it a challenge for a newly elected Commander and Vice Commanders to appoint committee chairmen for a Post. I am new to this Chairmanship position and I need your help. I am asking for someone from each Post to step up, take ownership and become the face of "An Oratorical Speech Contest" in each community. Information of the program is mailed to every High School, but it must compete with every other youth program to come down the pike. For "An Oratorical Speech Contest" to compete in that environment, it needs an American Legion promoter: on the streets, talking to speech coaches, informing parents, engaging teachers, partnering with youth club sponsors and leaders and etc. Your Commander and I are looking for someone he can name as post Oratorical Committee Chairman . . .
    . . . are you the Comrade we are looking for?

    Donald L. York, Chairman

    Department of Wyoming Contest will be held:
    Sunday, March 9, 2014
    2:00 PM
    Eastern Wyoming College Auditorium
    203 North Sixth Street
    Douglas, Wyoming